How porous the stone, how tuned the ear (2017)

Performed as part of a city art-walk between Splab and Ceresbyen 1A, made during a residency at Godsbanen for Aarhus City of Culture, Aarhus (DK).

A performance which uses the strange acoustic properties of an underground carpark to highlight everyday architecture. The audience is encouraged to place their ears over holes in concrete pillars which act as an acoustic funnel, distorting and amplifying the sounds in the space. The very simple performance consists of singing the phrase "how porous the stone, how tuned the ear" before hitting and dragging a drum stick along a fence the length of the car park. The sung phrase alludes to theories of why cave paintings came to be in certain locations, with some believing it is linked to acoustic properties of the caves.

audience members listen to performance through holes in concrete pillars
Jayne walks through an underground carpark running a drum stick along railings