By the wall, where (2021)

audio collage

Augmented Reality (2021)

audio - lino print

The walled garden (2020)

interactive webpage - audio - video collage

Knot theory (2020)

audio - video collage series

Solstice broadcast (2020)

audio improvisation - video collage - sculpture

The waves like braids, unravelling (2020)

audio installation - composition

Jam cones (2019)

interactive audio and light installation

Crazy for lovin' you (2019)

video collage - performance

Their cancer journey: Artistic expressions of living with cancer (2018-2019)

printmaking workshop - collaborative exhibition

Mayday! (2018)

live semi-improvised performance - site specific light installation

How porous the stone, how tuned the ear (2017)

live noise performance - audience interaction - site specific

You thought you sang the song that would be sung for ever more, but the song you thought you sang was sung a thousand times before (2017)

durational performance - sculptural and print installation

And so also but if still yet (2017)

audio - print installation

A hand in wet concrete a foot in the sea and all things between are between you and me (2016)

sculptural installation - photographic collage